Having trained in dance, theatre, gymnastics and acrobatics, Circus just seemed like a natural progression and a wise career choice.  In 2001, James moved from his hometown Brisbane to Melbourne, to study and train at The National Institute of Circus Arts. This 3 year, intensive Bachelor of Circus Arts saw him specialise in Hand Balancing, Duo / Group Acrobatics, and Russian Bar.  James has appeared on the national TV shows ‘Rove Live’ (network 10), and ‘The Price is Right’. 

In 2006 James turned his focus more to group and collective performance, becoming a founding member of ‘ThisSideUp acrobatics’.   He played a large part in ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ the triple Helpmann award winning new show from Spiegeltent international and Sydney festival. And is currenlty perfoming in the word premier of 'King Kong', here in Melbourne AUS.




Karl Stock

Karl Petersen Stock has come from an elite gymnastics background training at the high performance center in Melbourne and competing on Australian teams. After falling out of love with the sport and having a couple of years off, Karl was wondering what he would do with his life. Circus at the time sounded like a good idea.

Karl started a bachelor degree at the National Institute of Circus Arts but was asked to perform in New York and Europe and the opportunity was too good to pass up. Since getting the taste of travelling and performing, Karl was hoping that one day he could do this to make a living.

In 2011, Karl was picked up by ‘This Side Up’ and has accomplished a number of shows in Australia and New Zealand. Now the time has come for the tour of ‘Controlled Falling Project’ by “This Side Up’ through Europe in 2012.





David Joseph


David has been a professional freelance performer for over 20 years. He has worked as an actor, dancer, musician, circus performer and teacher for some of this country’s most prestigious performing arts companies including Melbourne Theatre Company, Circus Oz and Chamber Made Opera. David has toured extensively both nationally and internationally and performed at many of the worlds foremost arts festivals including Edinburgh, Glastonbury, the South American Theatre Festival (Colombia), Hong Kong Arts Festival and many major festivals in Australia. He is currently leading Skazz, an 8 piece Jamaican jazz band, playing drums with King Marong (master djembe player) and Afro-Mandinko, teaching circus skills at Circus Oz (corporate training program) and 5 metropolitan schools (including special needs and at-risk youth), performing in children’s shows, performing with Batacuda (street theatre troupe), as well as his involvement with ThisSideUp which began in 2007 when he joined the company at the development stage of “Controlled Falling Project”.



Casey has over 10 years training in competitive gymnastics, representing Western Australia at the National Gymnastics Championships in Australia, China, America and New Zealand.  In 2002 Casey headed to Melbourne to study at the National Institute of Circus Arts, where he specialised in Handstands and Russian Bar.  Casey works as a freelance performer in theatre style circus shows, corporate acts and cabarets.  Performing his world class Handstand routine Casey was invited to ‘Chatelerault’, France to be involved in the FEDEC Handstand Workshops.  Casey is now a driving force in the upcoming contemporary circus company, ‘ThisSideUp’.  He is currently performing in the Brisbane based Circus company, CIRCA.


Vincent Van  Berkel

Having been an elite gymnast for 15 years and representing both state and country, Vincent Van Berkel left that world in 2010 to pursue the more expressive acrobatic disciplines offered by circus. Discovering natural aptitude and love for the Korean Plank, he built his own and began to train whenever he could find people to train with. This led to teaching and performing Korean plank at the Tasmanian Circus Festival. From there, a self-devised trio show at Adelaide Fringe confirmed his career choice.

Vincent was invited into ThisSideUp in june 2011 and has performed various seasons with the company, most notably the acclaimed Controlled Falling Project at the Christchurch International Buskers Festival. 2012 promises to be a big year, with a 2-month European tour of the Controlled Falling Project slated for June. 




Christian was born an Acrobat, teaching himself to walk on his hands by age 6 and scaring his neighbors by jumping off the roof of his home.

After the competitive world of gymnastics, Christian moved to Melbourne searching for a different lifestyle and new ways to express him-self. Being accepted into The National Institute of Circus Arts Christian specialized in Hand-balancing and ground to air acrobatics.

Highlights include European touring with the self-made company ‘ThisSideUp acrobatics’ major show ‘Controlled Falling Project’‘Smoke and Mirrors’ the Helpmann award winning show from Sydney festival & Spiegeltent international directed by Craig Iiott. As a qualified rigger Christian is also valued for his work backstage for circus and show rigging performances. 


Thomas Gorham

Thomas interests in acrobatics started at the age of 15 when he started breakdancing at school. His newfound hobby became a passion and almost all of his spare time was dedicated to practicing headspins in his parents garage, or learning flips in the park with his school mates. Through breakdance, thomas learned about circus and acrobatics and set his sights on becoming a professional performer. Thomas was accepted into the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne and graduated with a Bachelor of Circus arts in 2011. Since then Thomas has performed throughout Australia and the world, and has recently returned from a 3 month tour of europe, korea and Brazil with contemporary circus company This Side Up.